[1394] Firewire Formatting Utilities

DaleH dhoff at margnat.com
Fri Dec 6 07:16:53 PST 2002

>Quoting DaleH <dhoff at margnat.com>:
>>  I'd like to be able to format all of my Firewire drives with one
>  > utility. . .  I'd like some user
>  > feedback on whether other utilities might work on all Firewire/USB
>>  devices.
>>  DaleH
>Well, I only have one FW external device.  A OWC Mercury Elite 60GB FW1/USB2
>drive.  It came with Initech (sp?) Tools.  I just used the Disk Utility on my
>Jaguar machine to initialize and partition it.

Erik, (and other who suggested using Jaguar's Disk Utility) -

I moved a Firewire drive over to a Jaguar machine (10.2.1) and 
launched Disk Utility.

The FW drive was recognized by the utility and I was able to run First Aid.

When I moved over to the "Erase" option, it appears that I could 
proceed to erase the drive but the "Install Mac OS 9 Drivers" option 
box was greyed out. An explanation followed:
	"If this option is not selected, this device cannot
	be used by a computer running Mac OS9.
	This option does not affect Classic."

I take this to mean that if I use Jaguar's Disk Utility to format a 
Firewire drive I will not be able to move that drive back to a 
computer running OS9? If this is so, I can't use Apple's Disk Utility 
to format my Firewire drives.


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