[1394] Firewire Formatting Utilities

Michael Winter michael-winter at uiowa.edu
Tue Dec 3 08:25:40 PST 2002

On Tuesday, December 3, 2002, at 09:53  AM, DaleH wrote:

> I'd like to be able to format all of my Firewire drives with one 
> utility. Since FWB is slow on answering via email, I'd like some user 
> feedback on whether other utilities might work on all Firewire/USB 
> devices.

I do all of mine with Apple's Disk Utility. I even did this with SCSI 
drives for one simple reason; compatibility and reliability. I've had 
drives that operate faster using either LaCie's or FWB's drivers, but 
I've also had these drives not work when systems are upgraded. Maybe 
its just coincidence, but Firewire drives I've forgotten to 
repartition/initialize using Disk Utility (which installs Apple's 
drivers) have had more trouble moving between systems (hot-plugging) 
and not wanting to wake from sleep.

That's just my experience. Someone else will probably write in and tell 
you the exact opposite.


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