[G4] Replacing a combo drive in a G4 867 DP MDD with a superdrive.

Rick Tuff shidokan at mac.com
Sun Jul 13 08:02:18 PDT 2003

Good Morning,

I have a dual 533, I removed the CD-R/RW and replaced with a Pioneer 
A-105.  All applications recognize it (iDVD) and I have not had a 
problem in the six months that I have had it.

This is the way to go...


On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 10:29 AM, Steve Goldstein wrote:

> I have a Pioneer DVR-103 in an external FW enclosure.  My G4 
> Quicksilver 800 MHz can read/write to it (e.g., via Toast), but it 
> does not recognize it as a Superdrive, so iDVD doesn't work with it, 
> and, in fact, when I updated my Jaguar and/or iLife, they would not 
> even think of loading iDVD or DVD Player.
> On the other hand, I replaced its internal CD burner with a Pioneer 
> DVR-105, and that **IS** recognized as a Superdrive, and I can use 
> iDVD and DVD Player with it.  (I had to snarf DVD Player from the 
> installation disc with Pacifist to get the ball rolling.)
> So, I think that the operative word is *internal* drive replacement.
> --Steve
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