[G4] Dead FW ports

Wilkin, Wayne (Mass) Wayne.Wilkin at Staples.com
Mon Jul 14 08:50:07 PDT 2003

Don't know what your setup is but check this out. I actually had the same
problem with some 450 G4's. Was trying to use both Firewire ports, one for a
scanner and one for a burner. Turned out both ports were good but could only
use 1 at a time. Overloaded them I guess. So I switched the burner to usb
and worked fine. If your not already try just using one of the ports.

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> Subject: 	[G4] Dead FW ports
> Hi,
> I've got some old G4-400's in a classroom and I believe I have dead FW
> ports
> in some
> of the machines.  Apple profiler can't find the devices.(Usually it says
> "built-in")
> I'm pretty handy inside a machine.  Is there a website that explains
> swapping them out
> for new components?  And where's a good place to get newones? (is it as
> simple as
> swapping out a modem for a stealth serial port?)
> Or am I stuck getting new mother boards.
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