[G4] G5 TV Ad Distasteful & Disturbing

VS vs1 at dax.nu
Wed Jul 16 03:51:31 PDT 2003

At 01.13 -0700 03-07-16, Kunga wrote:
>I'm not sure I agree with this sort of effect being a very 
>constructive analogy to convey the positive power and strength of 
>this next generation Mac. Quite frankly, I find it distasteful and 
>disturbing - not funny. I'm very disappointed in this approach. We 
>do not need computers to create more destruction than 9/11 has 
>already rendered. This is a tasteless and insensitive approach to 
>the G5 introduction. I think this ad should be pulled ASAP.
>kunga10 (AIM)

Thanks for letting us non-US-listmembers see this ad. I sort of agree 
with you on your point. I can understand the point of "power" but 
what I think the ad lacks is how this power affects the user. He 
should have had a _happy smile_ on his face when he was pressed 
against that tree, he should have been _lucky_ to have all that 
power. Then all the destruction in the house wouldn't be a problem, 
it was "worth it". Now when we see the destruction we feel sorry for 
the family, and that feeling linger in the mind when the movie shows 
the computer. If he had smiled in the beginning we would have been 
more positively curious, and the smile would have gotten it's 
explanation when we saw the computer. The ad misses it's point.

/ Vicki (from Sweden)
Vicki Schalin

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