[G4] G4--prices?

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Wed Jul 16 11:25:08 PDT 2003

They are all over the place. MDD (not MCC) stands for the model name 
"Mirrored Drive Doors" and PM stands for Power Mac. Here's a good place 
to get one with some free 256 MB of RAM thrown in:


Scroll down. It's on the bottom center. A lot of mail order houses have 
been caught flat footed with a lot of FW800 inventory or even old MDD 
inventory from last year and are still trying to sell the same or 
similar config for $2400 or more.

The MDD boots in 9 and includes 2MB L3 cache on each 1.25 GHz processor 
unlike the newer FW800 model that only boots X and has only a 1 MB L3 
cache and still sells for $2400 at mail order houses.

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On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 09:36  AM, Tom Dayton wrote:

> Kunga,
> Could you tell me what MCC and PM's stands for? I'm stupid today...
> Where are you seeing these computers that are priced at $1599?
> Tom
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>> Subject: Re: [G4] G4--prices?
>> "New" single 1.25 GHz w/1MB L3 cache MDD PMs are $1299 and dual 1.25
>> GHz w/2MB L3 cache MDD PMs are $1599. Both models boot OS 9. Apple did
>> a flip-flop on OS 9 booting. Both "new" models are based on 2002
>> motherboards.

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