Help! G4 price comparisons

Crazy Miz B of the Crazed Cowboys paula at
Wed Jul 16 17:10:09 PDT 2003

I submitted this question yesterday, but it either hasn't appeared or 
I'm insane...

I recall someone here starting a thread about buying a G4 now the G5 is 
about due...and there was some mention of being careful---because all 
G4's are not created equal, and one needs to make sure it's the best 
equipped for the money...

I didn't read the thread---so naturally now need it! Don't see an 
archive in the URLs below, and would like personal answers more 
anyway---I'm bad at searching!

She wants the most for her money--so what does she need to look out 
for? She doesn't necessarily need the absolute most powerful...she 
needs a machine that will hold up when viewing a large number of 
graphics, especially virtual tours,  as she's in real estate.

With all the G4 sales going on-----what does she need and what should 
she spend her money on? She doesn't need to CREATE graphics----just to 
see a lot through surfing...and she is a Mac lover.

How can she watch out for herself from spending too much for stuff she 
doesn't need? The SALES are confusing us!

I LOVE OS X, but don't know a lot like I used to know on the earlier 
OS''s like being a newbie again!

Put the bunny back in the box.
Why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box? <---Can the Crazed
Cowboys help us find out?*

*probably not


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