unruly template

Jim Reamer jna1322 at mac.com
Mon Oct 6 19:28:43 PDT 2003

    I'm using a G4 933 and AppleWorks 6. I find I cannot open a new WP 
document as of today. Instead, I get a template that I made up in the 
last week or so. I put the template in the trash and searched the HD 
for copies but I still get the template as the default. I checked the 
preferences for some ideas but no luck. I did a content search and came 
up with  the following cache: com.apple.Launch 
Services.LocalCache.csstore. It is 456KB and created today. Might this 
be the culprit? Why? and how can I get rid of it if it is? It won't go 
into the trash peacefully. It's claims to be owned by the root, whoever 
that is.
    Can anyone help?

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