[G4] New to list and G4's

Kevin Willis res19rmg at verizon.net
Sun Jan 4 07:39:48 PST 2004

Thanks for responding.  If I import in AAC format, do I need to 
convert them to MP3 to burn them on a CD for my car stereo?



>AAC is a newer compression that is better than MP3. Smaller and more 
>detail.  MP3 is a compressed file to facilitate use on the internet 
>or maximize storage on your disks.  AIFF is the same format as on 
>your CDs.  If you are getting music for the first time (say off your 
>records) to put on CD record it in AIFF format at 44100 hz . 
>Exactly what a CD format is, thus there are no changes from your 
>recording as it goes to CD - one generation only.
>After you have music on CD in AIFF then delete it from itunes and 
>re-import it as an AAC file to get the benefit of the compression.

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