[G4] Pioneer 106 DVD ?

Frank Dutra Frank at NantucketHydrangea.com
Tue Jan 6 09:33:17 PST 2004

I'd suggest using DIY Micro:


I just put one in my G4 450 dual Gig Ethernet from them... $124 with 
quick, free shipping and a good return policy.

The only issue I have had so far was having to upgrade to 10.2.8 to 
get native support, although an earlier poster says you need Toast to 
burn DVD+ and DVD RW. I haven't tried burning a DVD yet so more may 
be revealed.

I used the CD drive swap guide from the XLR8 your mac site. but I 
think you could just add this drive to the 800 as you have 2-5" bays 
which the 450 lacks, assuming your not using both. IIRC, the jumpers 
on the boot drive/default burner must be set to the master position 
which is clearly labeled on the 106.


>I have a new to me G4/800 and it has the older model superdrive 
>PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-103. I am interested in upgrading to the newer 
>model, I understand it is the 106-- I see many of them on eBay for 
>around $120. Is there any problem with my approach--anything that i 
>should be aware of?
>And I have previously been able to swap out these drives in other 
>Macs, but this one does not seem as obvious. Can somebody point me 
>to an internet site that will help in this process?
>Thanks--John in Tucson


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