[G4] Recording TV/Alchemy DVR

Steven Austen austens at fuse.net
Mon Nov 1 06:44:39 PST 2004

Ron wrote:

> Check out the Alchemy DVR card by Miglia TV. Bought mine from Other 
> World Computing. Don't know if you would officially be able to use like 
> a TIVO, etc. but it works great for recording TV onto hard disk. Also, 
> has FM Radio. You can read about it at http://www.miglia.com/ I paid 
> about $110.00 but I think they've gone up since then.
> Ron
> Memphis

I went to OWC website and both the $110 and $150 version were in stock.  It looks the the $150 doesn't have the FM tuner.  Does anyone know what you get for the extra money?  Also, the $150 version says "PCI card compatible with PCI bus 2.3(3.3V)".  Is this compatible with the standard G4 PCI slots or is an upgrade needed?



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