[G4] G4 shutting off

Kevin Willis res19rmg at verizon.net
Wed Nov 3 16:20:03 PST 2004

On Nov 3, 2004, at 5:50 PM, Snow White wrote:

> My cat walks behind my cube and slowly over time, knocks the power 
> plug out just enough to disconnect it intermitently.  Any wee 
> vibration can at the right time shut me down - very annoying.
> You got any small creatures????

Just my kids.  My 9 year old has been watching the new Looney Toones 
movie on my G4 everyday for over a week now.  I blew out the dust in 
the power supply, plugged the power chord into a different power strip, 
and checked the chord going into the computer.  I am planning on 
getting a new battery tomorrow.  That should eliminate just about 
everything but the power supply.  My fingers are crossed.



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