[G4] Panther on a G4 400Mhz PCI Yikes...

Jesus Maria Bianco T. jbianco at cippsv.com
Thu Nov 4 11:04:34 PST 2004


I am writing this e-mail from my Apple G4 400Mhz PCI Graphics (I 
think it's called: Yikes).

I have the Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar), but I remember about 3 months 
ago, I installed the Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), on this Mac. On that 
moment the problem was: when I restart the Mac, it can not found a 
Startup Folder? I must Press the "C" Key, and boot from CD-ROM, after 
that, choose on the Start Up Control Panel, to Startup with the Hard 
Drive that had Panther 10.3.

I remember that I made a lot of test like reset the PRAM, remove for 
10 minutes teh internal Baterry, tried to press "Option" Key for 
target the System Folder on the diferent Drive, etc.

I remember that I entered on the ROM, reseting the Mac, and pressing: 
Apple Key + Option Key + O + F, and I can saw the version of the ROM 

Apple PowerMac1,2 1.2f2 BootROM

Open Firmware 3.1.1

I think that I need the upgrade the Firmware, but I can not find a 
file for this Mac on the Net. Can any help me?

Thanks for yoru time.

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