[G4] Dual 1.25Ghz Fw800 showing up as 1GhzDP question

Rod lavo at mac.com
Fri Nov 5 20:36:05 PST 2004

I'm actually a Apple Service Technician, and I have had a good look around
the motherboard.  None of the screws have been touched ie there are no
screwdriver marks on the screw heads.  It would have stood out if the cpu
baard had been removed.



On 5/11/04 11:11 PM, "Snow White" <jj4 at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Rod:
> Hate to suggest it, but I think
> SOMEONE changed the CPU.  I have very little doubt, as this is the only
> logical answer.
> jj
> PS: your friend is/was honest as he sold it for what it was.
> On 5-Nov-04, at 1:06 AM, g4-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com
> wrote:
>> Anybody else come across this?  The guy who I bought it from has had
>> the PM
>> since brand new, and said then that the processor always showed 1Ghz
>> DP (and
>> sold it as a 1Ghz DP), but as far as Apple is concerned the machine is
>> a
>> 1.25 (which may have a serious effect on warranty if the processor
>> board
>> needs changing).  He is very trustworthy, so I am sure that he has not
>> changed the board, and he doesn't think it has been in for service.
>> I have tried resetting Open Firmware and PMU reset.
>> Any ideas? 
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