[G4] Bad Power Supply?

Ronald Steinke ronsteinke at mac.com
Sat Nov 6 20:53:11 PST 2004

On 6 Nov, 2004, at 17:39, Kevin Willis wrote:

How do you know if your power supply is about to take the permanent 
dirt nap?  My Gigabit G4/400 has on 4 occasions in the last couple of 
days just up and quit on me. It does not lock up or anything. I'll just 
be using it and it shuts off. Any thoughts on what could be causing it?

Sounds to me like a heat buildup problem. Does the first shutdown 
happen after a certain time has passed? And, then the later shutdowns 
occur with shorter time intervals as you are working? That would 
indicate to me that there is a buildup of heat that is causing a fault 
to occur in the power supply unit.

You might also check the wall circuit you are plugged into for 
continuity after running a machine for a time. If there is a GCI socket 
installed in that circuit, you may be getting false over-power signals 
from it that cause the circuit to shut off until it cools down again.

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