[G4] wide format printer question...

Robert Hazelrigg robzilla at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 8 11:03:11 PST 2004

I have both an HP Deskjet 1220c and an Epson 1280.

The HP color quality isn't nearly as good as the Epson, But the Epson 
does cost more to operate. The Epson is my favorite of the 2. The 
colors go down richer.

If you're using the printer for internal printing only go with the HP 
you'll save money on the ink. However, if you're using your prints to 
impress clients go with the Epson.

FYI: Both printers are very expensive (per print) when compared to a 
color laser. In my cost analysis projections the ink-jets cost about $4 
per print depending on coverage on a 12x18 sheet, compared that to .21¢ 
on a color laser.  I my case I could justify the cost of a $7,000 
Copier/Printer to replace the ink-jets.  Moreover, the Color Laser 
savings paid for itself in the first year with well over 3,500 prints.

  Robert Hazelrigg  
  rhazelrigg at earthlink.net  
  126 Whalepond Road,  West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764

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