[G4] wide format printer question...

Roger Harris roger at rogerdharris.com
Mon Nov 8 21:12:34 PST 2004

Hi Frank,

If you are doing a lot of printing make sure the ink tanks are large. My 
Epson 3000 has very large tanks 5 times the size, or more of a large 
black tank in most 4/c ink jets. The 3000 is a good printer but slow 
compared to the Epson 1280, 2200, 4000 and 5000 printers.


Frank Haddock wrote:
> Could anyone here make any suggestions about wide format (11X17") inkjet
> printers.  I'm researching them because I would like to purchase one to
> make newsletters (that will include some photographs) with.  Also,  has
> anyone here tried continuous feed inking systems for the inkjets?
> Thank you in advance to any responses.
> frank

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