[G4] Sharing an Airport connection over Ethernet from iBook?

Jim Pacyga jim.pacyga at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 9 11:04:38 PST 2004

Anyone ever managed to do this or anything similar?

Airport WLAN~~~~~~iBook<-------->iMac G5 
                   WLAN                Ether

Both machines are on 10.3.6 with all updates.

iBook is set as:

Sharing->Internet-> Share Airport Connection over Ethernet Started
No Firewall is enabled
AFP is set active for Airport Connection

iMac G5

No Firewall is enabled
AFP is active on Ethernet
Ethernet receives DHCP data from Router behind Airport Base (i.e., it gets an IP and Gateway IP)

Airport Setup:
Private Network,
MAC filtering is ON (just in case I added the Ethernet MACs for iMac and iBook, no dice)
NAT/DHCP is OFF (I tried turning DHCP/NAT on, but no dice either).

I can connect to the iMac G5 from iBook via AFP.  At one point I got the iMac G5 to see the iBook via AFP, but never got out to the Internet (web sites, pings, whatever).  

I can use AFP as long as the iBook controls the transfer (e.g., open two connections from iBook and transfer between them both). 

I would like to get the iMac G5 to be able to reach past the iBook to get updates and load up software on it.

Thanks for the help!


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