[G4] re: Need Mac/Filemaker Invoicing Program

barry sjmug at mac.com
Tue Nov 9 16:53:37 PST 2004

>Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 19:36:58 -0600
>Subject: [G4] Need Mac/Filemaker Invoicing Program

>I'm in need of a program or template for Filemaker Pro that is set up
>for invoicing, estimating, & billing for Mac & customized for a video
>production company. Shareware would be nice. Any suggestions or

visit http://filemaker.com/smallbusiness/ .  click on 'Six ways plug-ins save
time and money' on the left, which will open a .pdf .

visit http://collection.filemaker.com/collection/index.jsp for free shareware
databases.  i didn't do a search for your need, but i would assume something
would be there.

visit http://www.filemaker.com/support/ and scroll down to FileMaker
community, which has these 3 links that should be of interest:

"Share your questions and experiences with other users, get information, and
check and update your subscriptions.

    * Subscribe to newsletters‹-Subscribe now

    * Meet other FileMaker users‹-Join a FileMaker user group

    * Join an email discussion or newsgroup‹-View email lists and newsgroups"

i believe that there's also a FM monthly magazine published by someone other
than FM.

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