[G4] wide format printer question...

Snow White jj4 at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 9 17:48:44 PST 2004


An InkJet printer does not sound like the way to go to me for a 
publication.  Too costly on ink.

Go up on ebay and take a good long look at Xerox N40 or N4023 Laser 
Printers.  Many times you can pick them up for $300-$500 plus shipping. 
  And many times they come with the added Paper Tray Assembly.  That's 5 
drawers (mine had the Duplexor as well) and these handle 11x17" (B&W 
only).  If you want colour then look for colour Lasers.  Duplexors 
allow double sided printing without re-inserting the paper.

Bottom line, these things are coming out of companies now and can be 
had at very reasonable prices.  Most large companies only keep a 
printer 8-10 years, then dump it cheap.  8 years ago the top of the 
line printers were pretty awesome, even compared to todays home 
standards.  Look for Laser and Ethernet connectivity - these printers 
are supported forever and print thousands of pages before they need 
more ink or servicing.  Best to find a local vendor, so you can pick up 
as they are very heavy and costly to ship.  Once you have one set up 
they are very in-expensive.


PS: I really like having good printers. I have Xerox N40 (B&W) and 
Tektronix DP750 (Colour), both with the Paper Tray Assemblies and 

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> wide format printer question...
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> Could anyone here make any suggestions about wide format (11X17") 
> inkjet
> printers.  I'm researching them because I would like to purchase one to
> make newsletters (that will include some photographs) with.  Also,  has
> anyone here tried continuous feed inking systems for the inkjets?
> Thank you in advance to any responses.
> frank

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