[G4] LED flashing

Kevin Willis res19rmg at verizon.net
Sun Nov 14 16:51:05 PST 2004

	I just started trying out the power management features in Panther.  I 
used to shut my Gigabit G4/400 down at night when I was done with it.  
Now, I have it set up so the monitor shuts off after 20 minutes and the 
system goes to sleep after 3 hours.  I noticed when it is sleeping, the 
light on the front of the case gets brighter, then dimmer. Is that 
normal?  I had some problems recently with it just shutting off with 
out warning.  I pulled the AGP Radeon 8500 that I just installed and 
replaced it with my old PCI Radeon 7000.  It has been running for about 
5 or six days continuously like that.  That kinda makes me think the 
shutting off problem was with the 8500 card, but the flashing LED has 
me a bit concerned that it could be something else.

	Also, I was wondering how much continuous uptime you should expect 
from a system like this.  I just had to reboot my system after running 
non stop for 5 or 6 days because some apps. started to crash.  The main 
one that crashed was Safari.  Should I reboot a couple times a week, or 
could there be a bug in the system causing things to crash like that?



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