[G4] Jump from Jaguar directly to Tiger?

Snow White jj4 at sympatico.ca
Sun May 15 00:23:05 PDT 2005


But what a pleasure it is when you finally bite down and jump forward.  
The tiny HD must be killin' you, especially for music but your machine 
looks fine and 10.2 was a good OS.  You will get some font control in 
10.3 and maybe some more stability, but they are very similar.

When I jumped to the G5 imac I also got more desk space.  Downside is 
that RAM now costs money again.
For most of us the machines go as fast as we need, so why upgrade until 
you need to?  Once it feels slow with your programs then maybe ...     
My 450 MHZ Cube felt slow so I got this G5 imac, 1.8MHZ, 17" screen, 
512 Ram and 80 gig HD.


Also an upgrade stategy I used:  Get a second HD (120 or 160 gig) and 
install your system and programs on it and use it as your primary drive 
on your current computer.  When you get a new computer just pull the 
drive and drop it into your new one or into an external case.  All your 
data just moved into your new computer to be accessed within a couple 
keystrokes.  And your old box is ready to sell immediately.

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> My goal is to upgrade 6 months behind - what actually happens is I get
> way behind, as you can see from my sig! That's not good, either!
> Anne Keller Smith
G4 733mHz (OS X 10.2.0/Classic)
896 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive

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