[G4] Transfer Vinyl Audio to CD

John Erdman jperdman at earthlink.net
Wed May 18 16:36:35 PDT 2005

Begging your pardon for the cross post but I haven't received any 
responses on the G5 list. Traffic here is much better, and this is 
still more or less on topic for the G4 group.

After years of procrastination I am finally going to begin transferring 
some of my favorite LP records to digital. I'm pretty sure I know how 
to do this. I've got all the hardware necessary. However I could use a 
little help.

I need a good article or two on the mechanics of the process to remind 
me what to do. Googling didn't immediately turn up what I was looking 
for. Any suggestions?

What's the current good choices for audio capture software compatible 
with Tiger? (Shareware or donation ware preferred>) I had one in OS 
9.2.2 that worked great but I can't recall it's name.
Garage band doesn't seem like a good choice for this job.  It'd be nice 
to be able to start and stop easily so that I can insert spaces between 

Any suggestions for software that massages the audio so I can remove 
the worst of the pops and cracks. I'm not a perfectionist when it comes 
to audio so anything that works would be a candidate.

Thanks for your help and guidance,
John Erdman
Sawtooth G4 AGP 400MHz, 704MB Ram, OS 10.3.9
iMac G5 2.0 GHz, 1GB Ram, OS 10.4.1

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