[G4] Re: ] Lost Sound with 10.4

Richard M. Kriss rmkriss at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 24 19:52:07 PDT 2005

May have solved the problem by messing with the Sound control panel in
System Preferences. Some dummy (me) had the Output set to the USB port
rather than the Internal Speakers.  Seems to be working okay now!

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> Subject: [G4] Lost Sound with 10.4
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> I upgraded to Tiger about a week ago and everthing on this G4 1GHz AGP was
> working perfect. The sound started going out with Entourage and now Safari
> is muted.  I don't know how to reset sound other than the System Preference
> Sound panel.  I can play the various alert sounds from the panel but cannot
> get a beep out of the Mac by mousing on the sound level menu bar thing. As I
> recall it used beep when you ran it up to full volume.
> Any suggestion on how to get a muted Tigher G4 to beep again.
> Dick
> ps: iTunes is now deaf too. Can't play anything

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