[G4] Re: G4 Digest, Vol 9, Issue 23

Richard M. Kriss rmkriss at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 24 19:56:57 PDT 2005

Thanks Tony,

I must be one of the selected few that have the ClamAV showing as a user.
Now how do I trash him?  I have never used anything like ClamAV and trashed
eveything on my HD that even looked like clamav.

Anyone else have 'clamav' showing up when you logout?


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> Dick,
> I've found seemingly relevant information on this at Macintouch:
> See Tiger Compatibility note says, "As of the current version (0.9.0f),
> clamXav is compatible with Tiger. There is, however, one caveat... Some
> people have reported that the ClamAV user (which is required for the
> updating of virus definitions) appears at Tiger's login window. This
> issue can be solved by installing the most recent version of the ClamAV
> engine which is currently sitting at 0.83."
> I just happened to be browsing through that page when your question
> came in.  Hope it helps. :-)
> Tony

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