[G4] Yosemite Blue and White G3's

Roger Harris roger at rogerdharris.com
Thu May 26 15:00:49 PDT 2005

Tim, I have two B&Ws here and am having some trouble getting 10.4 on =20
them. Upgrades are probably the reason; I am certain Apple didn't =20
work too hard on getting 10.4 on these older macs.


On May 26, 2005, at 9:10 AM, Tim Collier =F0 wrote:

> Yes, thanks.....In our dual 1 gig G4, it only used the original =20
> Airport Card and was really slow on exchanging data on our local =20
> wireless network.  So, I bought it a PCI card at CompUSA and it =20
> works really well.  The dual G4 is now playing much nicer on the =20
> network.  So, what I plan to do is buy another one of them.
> Plus, I bought the 10.4 family pack which covers installation on 5 =20
> computers, so I can install it on the new G3 (it comes without an =20
> OS installed).
> Tim
> On May 26, 2005, at 9:58 AM, Daniel Brieck Jr. wrote:
>> Tim,
>> If I am not mistaken the first desktop computers to have internal =20
>> Airport wireless cards were the first generation G4's like my G4 =20
>> Sawtooth AGP graphics version... So no apple airport card for the =20
>> G3 Blue and White, you can always get a PCI 3rd party one... =20
>> Another reason to stay away from the G3, the only good thing the =20
>> G3 has is a nice case and PCI expansion slots...
>> Daniel J. Brieck Jr.

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