[G4] Re: g4 sawtooth freezes

Philip J Robar philip.robar at gmail.com
Sat May 28 15:55:38 PDT 2005

On May 27, 2005, at 9:13 AM, Richard M. Kriss wrote:

> Linda,
> Before you do anything get some memory. You are probably freezing  
> due to
> lack of memory with only 256K.  The 256K DIMMs are cheap. Get four  
> of them
> if you can and does not make any difference if you get PC 100 or PC  
> 133. I
> have them mixed in mine.

Computers which use protected and virtual memory don't freeze due to  
lack of memory, especially if they have 256MB, they freeze due to  
defects in the OS. (Assuming properly working hardware.) They may get  
very slow because they're paging (moving memory on/off the hard  
drive) themselves to death, but that's different than being frozen or  
locking up.

That being said, given how cheap memory is these days Richard is  
absolutely correct in advising you to get more. See http:// 
www.dealram.com for prices or check local ads. 256M can be had for as  
little as $23 with shipping, probably less if you're willing to deal  
with a rebate. Any name brand PC100 or PC133 memory should work in  
your Mac.

As to your problem, it sounds like you're saying that the computer is  
locking up and not just an application. Have you tried switching to  
another application like the finder by clicking on the desktop or  
pressing the Apple and tab keys together?


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