[G4] G4-mail/keyboard symptoms

Greg Manzie gmanzie at bigpond.net.au
Mon Mar 6 19:01:23 PST 2006

Hello Lisa

I don't know if this helps, but I had a similar problem in Panther  
when my HD containing the operating system was too full. The  
equivalent of OS 9 virtual memory (the memory manager in OS 10) needs  
quite a bit of spare drive space to perform its function.  
Particularly with things like Photoshop (check your scratch disk  
preferences). When it is close to the limit, it starts the symptoms  
that you are experiencing. In my case as time went on, it also  
started to spread to other applications. Mail, Keyboard, Safari and  
Word too (which got some of the blame) from memory.

I moved my large iTunes library to another HD and everything went  
straight back to normal. I now make sure that I have a minimum of  
about 15% spare capacity on my Operating System hard drive partition  
(20% is probably better but about 2 Gig as a minimum).

As Tiger uses more HD space than previous OS's, I have had to install  
a bigger internal drive. I now run two 120 Gig drives internally on a  
G4 400 Yikes (OS 10.4.5).

If you move your iTunes or iPhoto library, make sure you read the  
instructions from Apple properly first.

I think there are knowledge base articles about both of these issues  
on the Apple site.

Good luck.


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On 07/03/2006, at 10:04 AM, lbhammond at comcast.net wrote:

> My symptoms have become even worse since first posting:
>  I can no longer fully close out of mail, or open a window in it,  
> (unless I am in a applcation that opens itas default).
>  Of course, I can go directly to my mail server via browser, but I  
> have many limitations with this method.  Not the least of which is  
> that I just don't like the way it looks!
> If I can't fully close mail, and it is default for other apps (ie- 
> iPhoto), then if it auto launches would I possibly be corrupting  
> other applications?
> I will be having a clean sweep & re-install wed. with NO mail data  
> migrated at all.
> Hopefully, this will alleviate the issue.  I am concerned about the  
> existing data backed up on external HD: should I just transfer back  
> the existing bk-up data?  should I wipe the external HD clean too  
> and then back up only whats Absolutely necessary?
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