[G4] Caches AppleJack and Success

Dan A Currie dancurr at frontiernet.net
Sun Mar 12 08:14:54 PST 2006

Dan A Currie wrote:

> Hello and thanks,
> I downloaded AJ to my MDD and it worked like a charm ... the I 
> downloaded it to my wife's G4 iBook running Tiger and it will do 
> nothing.  I have restarted several times and typed in    applejack 
> auto restart     and it just sits there.
> Suggestions,
> Dan Currie
> "Of all the things that I have lost in my life ... I think that I miss 
> my mind the most!?"

Hello All,

AppleJack does work on the G4 iBook.  Since it is my wife's MAChine I am 
not familiar with the keyboard.  Did you know that there are TWO "ENTER" 
keys.  When you load AJ with CMD S wait then tap the second "ENTER / 
RETURN" key and it functions as it should.


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