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I just subscribed to this list because I just got a used G4 M8573 and I 
am having a several very mysterious problems - two of which I have 
definitely solved. The OS for this computer is 10.5. I had the "jumpy 
mouse" problem with an optical mouse that came with the computer and I 
switched to an old fashioned ball mouse. I never have had any more 
problem since I did that. The second issue was with my printer - an HP 
4Plus. Every time I would print something, it would print an extra sheet 
with always the same error - OFFENDING COMMAND.That was an unnecessary 
waste of paper. I switched printer drivers from what was installed for 
my printer to another driver in the database and I never have had that 
problem again and my printer is back to normal.

The problems that remain to be solved is 1) I also purchased a monitor 
that doesn't work with my computer. The HDI connector works fine with an 
ViewSonic monitor but the new monitor which has an ADC connector 
doesn't. I don't know if it is the monitor or the computer. Nothing 
lights up on the monitor, so I am assuming there is no power getting to 
the monitor. I have called a repair shop and for only $79.95 they will 
check it for me immediately. I don't want to spend the money, because I 
already have a monitor that works plus a monitor with an ADC connector 
that at this point is surplus, because I don't know if it works or not!

2) The other problem that I am having is with the DVD RW combo unit. I 
cannot seem to get it to recognize ANY DVDs - even pre-recorded ones, 
much less burnable ones. It tries to read them for a while and then 
always spits them out. Leopard recognizes that the drives are there, but 
I can only read from the CD drive

Does anyone have suggestions for me to try?
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