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> I've been getting the sales pitch from OWC in re: solid state drives and I'm wondering what benefit my G4 MDD might realize. It's a Dual 867, upgraded to Dual 1.6 with the RAM maxed out at 2GB. I would be replacing my second HD (60GB) and making it the startup drive instead of the 120GB drive I use presently which was removed from my old single 867 MDD.
> They claim their SSDs are much faster but I wonder if in real life, would I notice it?
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From what I've read, they're a lot faster than ya standard spinning drives. To get anywhere near the full benefit, you'd probably be best off running a SATA PCI card to hook the SSD up to as well. 
And it depends what you're using the machine for, and if disk throughput is a real bottleneck. Reading/writing large amounts of data to/from disk, and the time it takes to boot are, I think, the main things they speed up.
Seagate (I think) make some hybrid drives, that have a small SSD grafted onto a regular hard drive, in an attempt to provide a best of both worlds approach. You get most of the speed benefits of an SSD, but more storage capacity as with a regular hard drive, and they make a smaller dent in your bank balance.

No personal experience though, I'm afraid

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