[G4] PowerBook 3400c refuses to turn on

Jean-Luc Brousseau brousseaujeanluc at mac.com
Tue Jan 25 07:13:14 PST 2011

I have a PowerBook 3400c that refuses to turn on. I checked the power supply that seems to be OK since I have voltage at the plug going to the computer. 

I checked the PRAM batteries that are rechargeable but that are at 0.5 volt instead of 7.2 volts. Maybe they are so low because they do not charge anymore. What is suppose to charge them? They are the original Varta batteries.

I know that on some computers if the PRAM battery is dead, the computer does not start. Is it the case with the 3400c?

 Only sound is a small click in the speakers when I plug in the power supply. Anyone can give me information about finding the problem of this computer refusing to start?

Best regards
Jean-Luc Brousseau
brousseaujeanluc at mac.com

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