[G4] Old mini or other machine for cheap/free?

Harry A. Freeman harry at gifutiger.com
Thu Feb 23 17:09:27 PST 2012


I understand that it is a single cable, I have a G4 AGP which I  
purchased New in 1999.
Not that I open the side panel a lot but it got to the point that when  
I open the side panel the cable connecting the HD (ATA) drives to the  
data buss would come loose. So after opening the side panel I would  
always make sure that the cable was connected. I've always had 2ea.  
drive installed in the drive cage and the drives are set to "Cable  

The DVD/CD drive is connected to a different buss know as the EIDE  
buss. I think that the DVD/CD EIDE buss can effect the main ATA buss.  
But all things possible.

There is always the possibility that one of your Power Supply voltages  
are low. The PS is a switching power supply and with your platform the  
PS going bad is only remotely going to happen.

One thing that I do at least once a year is blow the dust out of the  
PS (I now use a 1.25Ghz Dual MDD) using compress air cans. You can get  
then at a Staples Store, that where I usually get mine or at a Fry's.

If you decide to blow the dust out of the PS and the rest of the  
platform be sure to turn-off un-plug and let everything cool down for  
at least 15 to 20 minutes.


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On Feb 23, 2012, at 2:16 PM, Amir 'CG' Caspi wrote:

> Hi Harry,
> 	No, it's single cables all around, and I tried swapping cables and  
> removing them entirely, in case of a short - no luck.  Also, there's  
> no reason a cable would go bad "all of a sudden" ... the machine was  
> working fine one minute, then didn't work the next minute after an  
> attempted reboot.
> Thanks.
> 						--- Amir
> On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Harry A. Freeman wrote:
>> Amir,
>> Do you have another cable that connects between the 1st, the lower  
>> disk drive and the 133Mhz data buss.
>> If one one or more leads have gone bad you will not be able to load  
>> from your installed HD drives.
>> However the above doesn't explain why you can not boot from a DVD/ 
>> CD because the DVD/CD drive uses the 66Mhz buss. Except that  
>> perhaps a couple of leads are shorted in the cable and is  
>> preventing any loading.
>> Cheers
>> Harry
>> San Jose, Ca
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