[G4] G4 Boot Time

Mikey mikey1 at rcn.com
Sat Jan 21 14:17:15 PST 2012

I would, but I doubt I am going to reload the OSX at this time. With the age 
of the machine it may not be worth it.
I will probably go to a MAC Mini , since it has the Intel processors and the 
G4 does not.
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> On Jan 20, 2012, at 5:09 PM, Mikey wrote:
>> Folks, hopefully someone out there has hasd the same problem and give me 
>> some options:
>> MY G4, Dual 1 Gig  MDD Machine takes like 7 minutes to boot into OSX.  I 
>> have maxed out the memory, so it isnt that. I know this taking much 
>> longer than it should. Any ideas on what i can look at to speed it up?
>> many thanks!
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> My old 2001 G4 takes 1 minute to load, it has dual1.6GHz processors and 
> 1.5GB memory. I do tap out the processors but I have never exhausted the 
> memory, even when using Aperture.  Right now I am working on some of the 
> following solutions to help speed up program execution times. These are 
> some standard ways to increase performance.
> Upgrade ATA interface if not already an ATA-133. You can try an SATA 
> interface but so far I have bad results from this
> Tossing the old 5400 RPM drives and installing 7200 RPM drives instead
> Running two drives instead of one in RAID 0 mode (requires a RAID 
> controller card installed)
> Reloading the OS from scratch and then install your programs, followed by 
> user data from a backup
> If you find a solution which works for you, would you post to the list for 
> the benefit of others?
> Kristen
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