[G4] Re 10.5.8 and MS Word 2004

Alan Kidner akidner at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 25 14:57:11 PST 2012

A complete reinstall sounds very radical especially after going to the 
trouble of doing the updates.  Why not try moving, or renaming some of 
the preference files to try and get Word to make fresh ones with default 
settings.  This file looks like it might be a good place to start: 

Other things you might try are using a different document template, and 
making sure that you don't have white text on a white background giving 
the impression of a blank envelope!


On 25/01/2012 19:00, Tina K. wrote:
> On 2012/01/25 10:46, Bruce Ryan Nakamura so eloquently wrote:
>> Word sometimes quits without warning and can no longer print 
>> envelopes.  After I
>> type in the addresses and press on the OK button, I am supposed to 
>> see on the
>> screen an example of what will be printed on the envelope.  However 
>> all of the
>> address information is lost and I see a blank envelope on the 
>> screen.  I updated
>> Word to 11.6.1 and the envelope problem was not corrected.  I ran out 
>> of time to
>> go from 11.6.1 to 11.6.6.  It sure was tedious to go from 11.5.0 to 
>> 11.6.1, in 0.1
>> steps at a time. But I will try again later to update as far as a PPC 
>> Mac can go.
> Drastic perhaps, but maybe a corrupt pref file or such? If it worked 
> ok before and has only recently started acting up can you remember 
> changing anything right before the problems started? Maybe a complete 
> un/reinstall will help? Assuming of course that at some point it did 
> work properly on your configuration.
> Tina

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