USB Print Servers?

Greg McNeil gmcneil99 at
Mon Nov 3 07:20:55 PST 2003

Hi All,
I am thinking about replacing my old Epson Stylus Photo 700 printer 
with a new USB printer and am looking for advice about Print Servers. 
My current set-up includes a PowerMac G3, an iMac DV SE, the Epson, an 
Axis 1440 print server and a router to connect it all together. Since 
going to OS-X on the iMac and since there is no driver for the printer 
for OS-X I have been using CUPS (I can't remember all of the 
particulars with CUPS) with varying success. Printing with this set-up 
has been finicky at best, often requiring turning off and back on the 
printer and the Axis Print Server to get the printer to be recognized.

I still want to be able to use one printer for both the iMac and the G3 
via the my network, so if I buy a USB printer (which is about all 
that's out there) I will need a USB Print Server. I have done various 
Google searches for reviews on servers and have some ideas about what 
to stay away from, but I am no closer to deciding what to actually 

Any thoughts?


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