Can't open SOME FileMaker docs

Jacqueline Dobson j.dobson at
Thu Nov 6 09:48:57 PST 2003

Hope someone can help! This was a db that had over 1,000 products for my
business on it and now I can't open it. (always teaches one to back up
sooner doesn't it)

I'm running OS9.2, FileMaker Pro 4.0 on my beige desktop G3
I can open SOME FileMaker documents but not others. The message I receive
"Sorry, FileMaker is unable to read the disk this file is on. Click continue
to try again or click quit and copy this file onto another disk."

I have only one HD.
I tried copying it onto a zip and reading from there.
A friend copied it onto her computer and couldn't open it either.
I just did a Disk Warrior clean up in hopes that something needed to be
tweaked - but to no avail.

As I said, I CAN open other FM's. And this may be a silly follow-up
question, but Is there any chance that any FileMaker docs that I try to open
before I resolve this problem may "lock" into that default message. I.E.
should I avoid trying to open any others until this is resolved?

Please don't tell me all is lost!


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