Dual PMac boot problem

Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at qwest.net
Sat Nov 8 14:54:18 PST 2003

At 10:32 AM 11/8/2003, you wrote:
>At the Apple site I found that if you hold down the 'Option' key while 
>starting it, that it will let me get to a point where I can hit the eject 
>button and that allowed me to insert the CD.
>BTW, I am still having problems booting this thing.  I cannot yet get to 
>the install window.

Are you saying that you can not boot to the CD?  If you can get the CD to 
boot to your screen, you can then click on the "utility" folder and run 
"System Repair" and then run "disk repair".

Are you running Jaguar?  Are you booting to disk one of the Jaguar CD?

Is this a iMac, a Tower, or a eMac?


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