[HM] Dual PMac boot problem

Thom Holland tholland at san.rr.com
Sat Nov 8 16:08:04 PST 2003

Hi Jack,

Jack Honeycutt wrote:

> Are you saying that you can not boot to the CD?  

That's right.  I should have stated this earlier.  Here is what I have:

Mirrored door, dual 1.0Ghz Power Mac
Jaguar (10.2.8)
20" Cinema display

To recap, I had powered it on for the first time yesterday.  It booted 
just fine.  It's amazing how fast it runs.  Everything I opened was 
super fast.  I loved it.  Then I did a Software Update.  That seemed to 
go great.  A short time later, it froze.  Rock solid.  Nothing worked. 
I held down the power button to power it off.  After that, nothing worked.

I tried powering it with the 'option' key held down.  That brought it to 
sometype of base start up.  I was able to open the Superdrive and insert 
the boot disk.  Up comes the icon for the CD.  All is great up to now. 
I select the disk and click on the 'Next' arrow, and then the screen 
goes white with the Apple logo and a spinning disk.  And there it sat 
for at least 20 minutes.  Nothing else happens until I power it down.

It is now at an authorized Apple repair shop.  :(

I was so looking forward to using it and the 20" display tonight.

In one of the discussion groups, I read that there could be a problem 
with incompatibilities between firmware level and software level.  I 
find that hard to believe and I am sure that Apple would have had 
sometype of check for that before doing a software upgrade.

> Are you running Jaguar?  Are you booting to disk one of the Jaguar CD?
> Is this a iMac, a Tower, or a eMac?
> jack

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