[HM] Re: Dual PMac boot problem

Adam Bass abasscube at mac.com
Sun Nov 9 18:59:54 PST 2003


Hmm you have almost the exact same config as I have: Dual 1 GHz MDD w/ 
512 MB of RAM. That's a very strange problem. I've heard of 10.2.8 
really screwing up people's computers, but I've never had very serious 
problems with it, although it did have some odd issues, but nothing 
that major. Now that it's at an authorized Apple repair center they 
should definitely be able to fix it, but 10.2.8 is really not a very 
good update. If you got your Power Mac recently (Oct. 8 or later) you 
should qualify for a $20 upgrade to Panther. Go to 
www.apple.com/macosx/upgrade. It's an awesome update that's well worth 
the price. You can check out all the awesome new features at 
www.apple.com/macosx/newfeatures. :)


On Nov 8, 2003, at 7:08 PM, Thom Holland wrote:

> Hi Jack,
> Jack Honeycutt wrote:
>> Are you saying that you can not boot to the CD?
> That's right.  I should have stated this earlier.  Here is what I have:
> Mirrored door, dual 1.0Ghz Power Mac
> 512Mb
> Jaguar (10.2.8)
> Superdrive
> 20" Cinema display
> To recap, I had powered it on for the first time yesterday.  It booted 
> just fine.  It's amazing how fast it runs.  Everything I opened was 
> super fast.  I loved it.  Then I did a Software Update.  That seemed 
> to go great.  A short time later, it froze.  Rock solid.  Nothing 
> worked. I held down the power button to power it off.  After that, 
> nothing worked.
> I tried powering it with the 'option' key held down.  That brought it 
> to sometype of base start up.  I was able to open the Superdrive and 
> insert the boot disk.  Up comes the icon for the CD.  All is great up 
> to now. I select the disk and click on the 'Next' arrow, and then the 
> screen goes white with the Apple logo and a spinning disk.  And there 
> it sat for at least 20 minutes.  Nothing else happens until I power it 
> down.
> It is now at an authorized Apple repair shop.  :(
> I was so looking forward to using it and the 20" display tonight.
> In one of the discussion groups, I read that there could be a problem 
> with incompatibilities between firmware level and software level.  I 
> find that hard to believe and I am sure that Apple would have had 
> sometype of check for that before doing a software upgrade.
>> Are you running Jaguar?  Are you booting to disk one of the Jaguar CD?
>> Is this a iMac, a Tower, or a eMac?
>> jack
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