[HM] Re: email programs

Duane Murphy duanemurphy at mac.com
Sat Apr 17 17:21:39 PDT 2004

--- At Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:19:43 -0400, TeeGate wrote:

>Your link is broken just like all of mine were when I used Mail.app, and 
>it displays with the space pushing the rest of the link down a line as 
>mine also did at times. To me this is a priority problem that needs 
>Apple's complete attention.

Sorry TeeGate, but your mail reader must be borken. :-)

That URL worked just fine for me. The problem is URLs that are too long
that span lines. Some mail _readers_ can't deal with that. PowerMail
works dandy. I suspect Mail works just fine as well.

What mail reader is that image from? That looks like a web mail system? I
expect that it has problems because there is indeed an extra character
there (a return). Most mail programs don't have a problem with that. Web
mail is likely to have a problem with that.


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