[HM] Re: email programs

Alex alist at sprint.ca
Sat Apr 17 21:23:26 PDT 2004

On Saturday, Apr 17, 2004, at 18:19 Canada/Eastern, TeeGate wrote:

> [...] Your link is broken just like all of mine were when I used 
> Mail.app [...]

It works just fine, including in your reply...

The problem is (and you won't like it) not on the Mail.app (or Mac) 
side, but on your side.

Mail.app follows RFC2646 when sending text/plain, format=flowed. The 
standard requires lines shorter than 79 chars, and "soft" line breaks, 
that is <space><CR><LF> sequences, and that's exactly what Mail.app 
does. On the receiving end, the agent must honour the format=flowed 
parameter, restore the lines by removing the "soft" line breaks (the 
<SP><CR><LF> sequences) and soft wrap the text according to its own 
settings. If the receiving agent or e-mail client doesn't, then "hard" 
line breaks preceded by spaces are substituted for "soft" line breaks, 
and naturally any URL that happens to be in the wrong position will be 


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