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John Baltutis baltwo at
Mon Apr 19 12:53:08 PDT 2004

On 04/19/04, Brett Forrester <bforrester at> wrote:

>>Linda Hoganson <lindajeane at> wrote:
>>I've been a long time user of Eudora, and so am not a happy camper
>>now that I have a new iMac 10.2 and trying to get email.  The
>>version of Outlook Express (which wants OS 9.x) that came with thus
>>new machine is cumbersome, and going to the .mac website to retrive
>>email is very slow and awkward.
>>What programs are you using to get email on your Mac 10.x OS.
> Why are you no longer a happy camper using Eudora on your iMac
> running OS X 10.2? I'm running Eudora version 5.2 with Jaguar, and
> I'm very happy with its operation. Might you elaborate on how your
> needs have changed?

And the latest version, 5.2.1, runs well with Panther. Get it at

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