[HM] Re: error message for Outlook express

TeeGate TeeGate at comcast.net
Mon Apr 19 15:00:42 PDT 2004


While holding down the Option key, launch Outlook directly by double 
clicking on the Application. Once the program launches you will be asked 
it you want to Compact the Database and you choose no. Then it will ask 
you if you want to do a Complex Rebuild and you choose yes.

  Once it finishes it will give you a message about "Old" files. So you 
then look for a folder called "Identities" that is located in the 
Microsoft User Data folder.

Inside of the "Identities" folder look through all the folders for all 
the files that say "Old" on them. Move them to the desktop, relaunch 
Outlook and see if your mail is intact. If so, you can delete the 'Old" 

Most likely one of the files in the "Identities" folder is causing this 
problem. If the above fix does not work, you may want to back up the 
"Identities" folder and then try systematically dragging a file at a 
time out of the  "Identities" folder until Outlook launches.


janesprando at comcast.net wrote:
> I was deleting some old messages in Outlook Express and kept getting a clock that didn't go away. So I used command/option /escape to quit Outlook.
> Now when iIopen the program the program, I get this message: 
> "An error occurred whil launching. The end of file was reached."
> What does this mean? More importantly, how can i fix it so that i can get Outloo back up and running again?
> Jane

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