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Tue Apr 20 02:07:18 PDT 2004

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> I was deleting some old messages in Outlook Express and kept getting a clock
> that didn't go away. So I used command/option /escape to quit Outlook.
> Now when iIopen the program the program, I get this message:
> "An error occurred whil launching. The end of file was reached."
> What does this mean? More importantly, how can i fix it so that i can get
> Outloo back up and running again?
> Jane

Launch OE while holding the Option key. Click yes to do a rebuild of the

If that fails relaunch holding the Option key again. Click no on the first
dialog box and yes on the second. This does a complex rebuild to try and
restore as much info as it can from corrupted files.

If both fail you'll have to delete the user folder/files and start from
scratch entering your mail account info again.

Depending on your email volume you should hold the option key down on launch
to compact the database about one a month or so. Email messages are not
deleted from the database until you compact the files. Delete the old files
after compacting.


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