iMac G3, Ext. DVD burner & authoring options

Randy Clark hawkgx at
Mon Jan 20 21:31:01 PST 2003

Downloaded ffmpegX 0.0.6c along with Sizzle this morning at work, but will
have to wait until later to try them.

I've tried using older versions of ffmpegX before to encode for XVCDs and
SVCDs with little success. Afraid it may be a bit over my head at the
present time. 

I've looked at the Sizzle how-to page on Mason's website but feel I need to
get much more knowledgeable before I feel comfortable trying it. The page
says I need MediaPipe 0.89 or later to run thru his steps for DVD creation.
Again, all this appears a bit daunting.

As for GreatVideo 1.5 from Software Architects that you mentioned, I had
just found out about that app before I read your post.  I'm not certain if
that would work for me (especially if it's OS 9 or Classic only... I utterly
HATE running in 9 unless it's absolutely necessary).

All this would be a moot point if I had the jack to lay down for a new G4 or
even an older, used G4 tower (like the Sawtooths we have at work). For now
I'll try to muddle through with my G3 iMac until the sweepstakes check comes

> From: Thubten Kunga <Kunga at>
> Message-Id: <8759AE0A-2C1F-11D7-8BEA-003065E5AA00 at>
> OK Randy. Try  ffmpegX 0.0.6b
> and Sizzle =A0-=A0 0.0.2r2
> Kunga

Randy Clark
hawkgx at
Kansas City

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