[MacDV] The "Ken Burns" effect

Erica Sadun erica at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 23 11:23:37 PST 2003

>I really like what I have seen from the new iMovie 3 presentation Steve
>made, particularly the Ken Burns effect.
>However, since I have not done a video project yet in either iMove or FCP I
>would like to bypass getting my feet wet in iMovie and start directly in
>FCP. I know it would be easier and perhaps even more fun in iMovie (and
>certainly hardly a learning curve) but I don't want to be spending hours of
>creative time making a project that cannot be utilized in FCP later or
>relogged etc...
>My question is this: The one thing that would hold me back and keep me in
>iMovie would be the Ken Burns effect because I would definitely use that.
>Does FCP have that type of feature?


-- E

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