Please, please trim the excess baggage from your quoted postings.

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Thu May 8 21:26:25 PDT 2003

Here are the informal rules for this list from the lists homepage. Thought
it might be good for all of us to review.

What is netiquette?
There are informal rules of the internet which are termed "netiquette" to
help people use proper etiquette within this form of communication. Some
examples of poor netiquette are not to signing messages, unsubscribing by
sending mail to the posting address instead of the administrative address,
or TYPING IN ALL CAPS, (which is considered yelling). This is a dynamic
environment and netiquette is changing rapidly.

Some informal rules for this list

*	Remember that replies automatically go to the entire list. To
respond to an individual, see the directions for your email software.
*	Never send attachments to the list. An attachment may contain a
virus, may be in a format others cannot use, may not make it through some
mail gateways, and will bog down both the list server and the mail server.
(Large enough attachments will choke the list server.)
*	Don't send styled text or HTML files, just plain text. (My rule of
thumb: if it's not in the body of the text, I won't read it.)
*	Please quote only the relevant portion of messages you respond to
-- and please quote some of the original message so others know what you're
responding to.
*	Please keep "me too" and "agreed" messages off the list; these are
best sent privately.
*	When asking a question, please list relevant information on the
hardware, software, and version of the Mac OS involved.
*	When responding to a digest post, please change the subject to
match that of the original message.
*	Please keep signature lines concise, preferably 6 lines or less
*	Although subscribers may offer specific equipment and services to
the list or share an exceptional bargain they have discovered, explicitly
commercial postings are prohibited. Any address or domain posting such will
be blocked.
*	Treat your list neighbor as you wish to be treated. Address
breaches of netiquette privately, not on the list. Assume the best, not the


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