Please, please trim the excess baggage from your quoted postings.

Gordon B. Alley galley at
Thu May 8 23:02:00 PDT 2003


Just so you won't feel like a complete outcast, I wanted to let you 
know that at least one other member of this list agrees with you.  :-)

It would certainly be more considerate if responders would clip out 
excess verbiage from their replies (like the boilerplate that the 
MacDV list adds at the end of every message it sends, for example). 
But being considerate of others isn't as much in fashion as it used 
to be.

Some people are just lazy.

Others may subscribe to the individual messages version of the list 
and haven't considered the fact that digest subscribers have to 
scroll through all the quoted stuff to find the following message, or 
that it increases the download time for dial-up users. Yet others are 
aware of those factors, but could care less because they don't 
subscribe to the digest version anyway, and/or they're on a broadband 

And when you use inflammatory terms like "cotton picking", watch out!  :-)

So don't hold your breath waiting for a big improvement. If we're 
lucky, a few may cut back on their excessive quoting a bit.

Just as an aside, I recall once on another list where a member quoted 
the entire digest to respond to a single message. Be glad we don't 
have many of those here.  :-)

On Thu, 8 May 2003 10:30:42 -0400,  Bill Freeman <flipflapco at> wrote:
>There are some people here who regularly send in a one or two
>sentence remark, followed by many unnecessary and irrelevant
>paragraphs of quoted text, even frequently including multiple copies
>of the MacDV list's sign-off message.  I presume these are from
>people who receive the list as individual messages rather than digest
>I don't know how anyone expects to edit video who can't even learn to
>edit their cotton picking email.  The excess quoting has gotten
>completely out of hand on this list.  It  is an annoying waste of
>time to everyone who receives the MacDV list.  Please stop this
>ridiculous waste of bandwidth.

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