[MacDV] Re: DVD-R longevity

Jon Blumhagen jblumhagen at zionshope.org
Fri May 9 05:57:56 PDT 2003

> Subject: [MacDV] Re: DVD-R longevity
> After that data DVD failed to verify, I decided to see what would
> happen if I tried to read it. It seemed to mount and I could see a
> couple of icons inside, but trying to open a folder took a long time,
> before failing.
> Next I installed Toast and tried the same thing. I got exactly the same
> response from the Toast-burned DVD. Has anyone experienced this or do
> you have an idea of what went wrong?

Your question reminded me that I saw something while browsing the latest
MacAddict last night. (The May issue isn't online, yet.) It said something
about NOT using the DVD-data option within Toast for creating a data disk,
but instead using the HFS+ option, even on a DVD. Apparently mounts much
faster...can anyone confirm?


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